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Devoted to Helping Latino Clients Fulfill Their Dream of Home Ownership

At Town Square Mortgage, we are very proud of helping our Latino borrowers successfully get loans for their new homes. In fact, nearly 60% of our borrowers are Latino.


We understand the cultural importance of family and buying the right home for your family. We will go the extra mile to guide you through your home loan journey, making it a smooth and easy process. We offer sample loan materials in Spanish and many of our Loan Originators speak Spanish.


To get started, we invite you to have a no-obligation conversation with a friendly loan originator.

Your Loan Originator will answer your questions and help you:

  • Determine the loan amount for which you will qualify

  • Identify the best type of home loan for you

  • Ascertain if you qualify for Down Payment Assistance

  • Help you get pre-approved so you can start shopping for your new home

  • Guide you through each step of your loan journey

  • Close your loan within 21 days. Guaranteed.

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Your Loan Originator will help you find the right home loan solution for you.

We offer a variety of loan solutions including:

  • Conventional home loans – Down payments as low as 3%

  • FHA home loans – Easy entry with lower costs – potentially zero-down payment

  • VA home loans – for members of the military and families – potentially zero-down payment

  • Jumbo home loans – for loans exceeding conventional loan amount (varies by state)

Alternative loan solutions including:

  • Non-QM home loans – for uniquely qualified clients, including self-employed people

  • USDA home loans – for eligible rural properties

  • ITIN home loans – Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN)

Learn more about our Loan Solutions

We specialize in helping our clients with

  • First-time homebuyer programs

  • Down Payment Assistance programs

Connect with a loan originator today so we can help you fulfill your dream of home ownership.

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